Wealthsimple: Martin Short’s Short Day at Work

When Wealthsimple came to us, Canada was deep in financial turmoil. Many Canadians felt like no matter how hard they worked, they just couldn’t get ahead. Wealthsimple wanted these Canadians to know that there were solutions. But rather than wallow in the struggle, or pander with false hope, we decided that the answer was a fun, funny spot that landed a simple message: Your money isn’t working hard enough.

To deliver this message, we needed a Canadian who could serve as a believable stand-in for what your money is doing when you’re not optimizing your investments - acting lazy, oafish, and even a little arrogant. The answer was obvious: Martin Short. We worked with Martin to write this spot, using his comedic talents to their full effect to create a metaphor for millions of Canadians’ slacking investment accounts, and give everyone the opportunity to see a Canadian/Hollywood legend get carried around a set like a giant, pompous baby. Because really, your money should work harder than that.

Featured by: Adweek, Adage - Top 5 Campaigns You Need to Know About, Muse by Clio, Clios Shortlist, One Show Shortlist, Webbys Honorable Mention.

Made with Mills Adams, Zach Watkins, and Marcus Brown.