WeTransfer: Together We Make.

WeTransfer needed a global campaign that showed off their new interface. We could have made a boring product demo video. Of course, we would never do that.

We collaborated with Japanese pop/metal band BABYMETAL and up-and-coming fashion designer Tolu Coker to create an exlusive album cover and fashion design that became real, out-in-the-world creative pieces for their fans. Then, we showed how those ideas came to life through WeTransfers platform. As in, the ideas actually became alive.

Featured by: NME, Bandwagon, Adweek, Adage - Top 5 Campaigns You Need to Know About Right Now, Muse

Our billboards all featured real creative work made by WeTransfer affiliated artists, including the album cover and dress from our spots.

Made with Zach Watkins, Marcus Brown, and Jeff Anderson.